VITAMIN E from the ABC's of Kids Fit Kitchen!

Fun Facts Vitamin E

This week in the Kids Fit Kitchen we are talking about a Vitamin instead of an ingredient.  Vitamin E!


I have decided that there might be incentive for the grown ups to eat foods containing Vitamin E when we think of it in a vanit-E or Ego sense.  Vitamin E is the creme de la creme when it comes to protecting, maintaining and securing your beauty or handsomeness.  It keeps hair smooth and silky, skin firm and full of life, nails strong and durable, and can lighten scars, stretch marks and dark spots!  Yes vanit-E!  I have just decided I will now coat my body and hair in Vitamin E oil and eat foods high in Vitamin E everyday!

As for the kids out there, Vitamin E is super important for neuro and physical development.  It’s a great antioxidant so kids can fight off all the pesky germs at school! 

Don’t be afraid of the fat found in most Vitamin E foods people!  It is critical to your body and brain!  Just eat the right kinds of fats in their truest, unadulterated form.  You can find 237% DV of Vitamin E in the fun pastime of eating sunflower seeds! Now there’s a reason to make the grown ups bonkers with that mess ‘eh kids??

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin and is stored in your liver and adipose tissue (that’s just a fancy word for fat tissue).  This is why you should not supplement with Vitamin E (or any other fat soluble vitamins) unless advised from your awesome naturopath or medical professional you trust. Always research supplements and their ingredients before consuming! 

There are lots of yummy ways to get Vitamin E as you will see in the video below!  The collard green wraps at the end are Vitamin E packed with brown rice and avocado, did you know that about collard greens?? I didn’t either!  These wraps are accompanied with an earthy tahini sunbutter sauce which is also high in Vitamin E.  You can always count on nuts and seeds to fulfill Vitamin E needs!  Let’s check out the video:

Enjoy these healthy and compassionate foods filled with Vitamin E often and start to feel your brain and skin thank you.  Remember, your skin is the largest organ in your body and is also a reflection of your insides.  Stay hydrated, stay supple with Vitamin E foods and feel vibrant inside and out! 

Pair these delicious foods with the effervescent delight of GT’s Gingerade kombucha to enhance your internal hydration and detoxing properties to have your skin really glow!  Kids love kombucha!  If you have kids who are weary about this bubbly treat, try mixing a little organic fresh juice with the kombucha :)  

 Learn more about GT'S kombucha  here!

Learn more about GT'S kombucha here!

Date Power Bites! From the ABC's of Kids Fit Kitchen

Fun challenge for both kids and grown ups:

Who can pronounce this word? - ANTHOCYANIN -  


If you were one of the smartie pants that pronounced it, do you know what it means?

Anthocyanin pretty much means that dates are anti-everything that tries to hurt your insides!  They are awesome little fighters! POW!

Fun Facts for Kids!

Do you want to be able to run and play allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day?  Dates have tons of potassium, 167mg in each date!  This helps you run and play longer without getting all tired! 

Have a fever?  Blending dates in your favorite plant based milk and drinking it can soothe your fever.  Plus the sweetness is an added bonus.  Want another bonus?  If your belly hurts or going potty has become difficult, this will help that as well! 

Young children who are teething can strengthen their gums by chewing on the soft dates.

Fun Facts for Grown Ups!

Do you want to feel fuller longer?  About 10 dates have 27% of your daily RDA for fiber!  if you are watching your figure, you might want to enjoy these little guys in moderation since they are filled with lots of sweetness! 

Worried about falling down and not getting back up?  Dates have tons of calcium and magnesium to keep your bones strong!  This plant based option for calcium is animal friendly which means it is also friendly to your body and does not cause inflammation. 

Dates are a great pre and post workout snack!  This goes for the kids as well!  They are easy to digest so they are a great snack during long games, endurance activities or a long day on the ski slopes! Game on friends!

Cacao! From the ABC's of Kids Fit Kitchen!

I usually write the Fun Facts separate for kids and grown-ups but this time I thought they worked for both parties! 

Raw Cacao:

This amazing little treat has more antioxidants than any other plant food making it a true super food!   Tannins in this ‘super fruit’ work as an analgesic, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-viral and an antiseptic.

wait......what and the what now?  Don’t black out from all those bigs words yet!  Let’s break it all down:

ANALGESIC:  acts as a natural pain reliever so grown ups can do Monkey Gym classes every day and kids can run and play all day!   Hooray! 

ANTI-ALLERGIC: anti allergies....duh hahahah

ANTI-BACTERIAL:  tells all those gross germs you get at school and at the gym to beat it!

ANTI-OXIDANT: free radicals are super naughty and they like to go bonkers all through-out your body but your body calms these guys down by using the antioxidants you eat!  For you grown ups out there, cacao punches those free radicals out to keep you from looking old!  EW!

ANTI-VIRAL:  doesn’t let viral germs get all viral in you!

ANTISEPTIC:  wipes up the yucky things in your body just like you would wipe up the yucky things off the counter top!

Disclaimer: you do not have to go to Costa Rica to find cacao (although it might be a really good excuse).  You can buy cacao nibs or cacao powder anywhere these days!  

Please share your favorite cacao ideas with us :)  

BROWN RICE! From the ABC's of Kids Fit Kitchen

Brown Rice

Recipe for Brown Rice and Lentil "meatballs" comes from our friends at Martha Stuart 

I usually write Fun Facts for Kids and Fun Facts for Grown-ups separately to learn about why ingredients are healthy, but not this time.  Researching through the facts of health benefits of brown rice, I found that they relate to both kids and grown-ups! 

Fun Facts for Kids & Grown-ups:

Type 2 diabetes used to only be a concern for adults but is now unfortunately becoming common in children.  Risk for developing type 2 diabetes can go down by over 30% just by switching out white rice with a whole grain option like brown rice!

Did you know that brown rice is in fact white rice??!! Whaaaaaaaat??  White rice is brown rice stripped away from its outer coating and therefor stripped away from almost all nutrients and protein.  This is why you see 'enriched' on the processed white rice labels.  Companies have to add back in synthetic vitamins, minerals and proteins so that white rice actually has a nutrient profile.  Who wants to just eat the REAL nutrients in brown rice and skip the chemicals added back in white rice?  Meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Brown rice has over 85% your daily value of manganese which helps you utilize fats, this is great news for both kid and grown-up bellies!

Brown rice has lots of fiber which helps you feel fuller longer so kids and grown-ups can play 64182718746 games of hide and seek, 938493874932 games of chase me and 77238462934 floor puzzles before needing a snack!  You're welcome.  

So before all you grown-ups black out with the thought that now you have to stand over a stove for 90 minutes waiting for brown rice to cook, have no fear! Quick cooking brown rice has been through many third party blind tests and, hooray!, the fast cooking versions have the same nutrient profiles!  Now you can have your healthy whole grains AND have time to play!

Make a big pot of brown rice to have on hand for the week and add it to literally any meal!  Make fun rice balls for the kids and pack in their lunches!  You can be super creative here and mix in ingredients or make a little well and even make an almond butter and non high fructose corn syrup jam ball for extreme high powdered energy!

Feel free to share your creativity and compassionate brown rice recipe ideas :) 

Enjoy friends! 

APPLES! From the ABC's of Kids Fit Kitchen

Fun Facts for Kids:

An apple tree has to grow to be 4-5 years old before they can make apples.

An apple contains 25% of your Vitamin C content which helps you fight off all the germs you get from school!  Have you ever dropped an apple in water?  What happens?  It floats!  That’s because it’s 25% air.  Try it!

Ready for the fun science part?  Put on your thinking caps!  Apples contain lots of boron which is a trace mineral that helps your body absorb calcium, this keeps your bones strong so you can play, and magnesium which helps you sleep better so again, you can play more! This is good for grownups too!

 Apple carrot muffin loaf paired with GT's Tantric Turmeric Kombucha!

Apple carrot muffin loaf paired with GT's Tantric Turmeric Kombucha!

Fun Facts for Grown Ups:

Polyphenols derived from apples have powerful effects on preventing and even reversing the effects of oxidation, inflammation, and glycation.  Advanced glycation end products, appropriately abbreviated to AGEs, are naughty little things that destroy the collagen in your skin and therefore your youthful look. EW!  An apple a day means you can enjoy vacation instead of glycation!

The polyphenols in apples have been shown to decrease belly fat up to 30% more then if you don’t eat polyphenols!

It’s higher fructose content has the liver convert it to glycogen to be used for fuel so you can work out longer! 

 Apple Carrot Recipe from the amazing Thug Kitchen! 

Apple Carrot Recipe from the amazing Thug Kitchen! 

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Even my Little Buddha loves Starfruit!

When we need a fruit packed with Vitamin C we tend to always reach for an orange.  Well now you can try and reach for a super cute and super delicious Starfruit!  Kids and grown-ups will love adding this fun shaped fruit to any meal!  This Little Buddha especially loved it for breakfast while doing a yoga retreat in Costa Rica.  These nutrient dense wonders grew on the trees right there at our retreat in Punta Mona!  For a tropical breakfast packed with vitamins, fiber and flavor, try this:

Tropical Buddha Breakfast Bowl

 Cut Starfruit in fairly thin slices                                                                                                                                Cube fresh papaya                                                                                                                                                          Peel one yummy banana                                                                                                                                               Mash together some of the papaya pieces that did not cube so well with some whole flax seeds, raw shredded coconut and cinnamon.  Feel free to add chia seeds or hemp seeds if you would like!                                                                                                                                                                                        Cook some oatmeal, quinoa, amaranth or millet to the directions on the package.                            Put in a big bowl and arrange the tropical fruit party on top any way you would like :)                Enjoy your beautiful creation out in the sunshine for that real tropical feel no matter where you are! 

Don't mind the fresh Turmeric on my nail!!  Looks gross but it's not I swear :) 

Here are your awesome facts about the Starfruit :) 

Fun Facts for Kids:

Even a super ripe Starfruit’s sugar level will never pass 4%, bringing the kids bonkers level to a minimum! I guess this could be a fun fact for grown ups as well then ;) 

Starfruit provides 57% daily need for Vitamin C so kids can fight off all those gross germs they are surrounded by all day at school! 

Starfruit is so cute and fun that kids won’t be able to resist indulging in this super healthy snack! 

Fun Facts for Grown Ups:

Starfruit has 3 grams of dietary fiber, 11% total RDA, so you won’t get so hangry so quickly!

The anti-oxidants in Starfruit help flush out irritating free radicals that try to destroy your beautiful, radiant and elastic complexion.  

Free radicals not only destroy your beauty or handsomeness but they also damage DNA of cells.  When these damaged cells multiply and invade healthy cells, cancer begins to rear it’s ugly head. 

Share how you enjoy your Starfruit :)

BHealthy, BFit, BYou!