Cacao! From the ABC's of Kids Fit Kitchen!

I usually write the Fun Facts separate for kids and grown-ups but this time I thought they worked for both parties! 

Raw Cacao:

This amazing little treat has more antioxidants than any other plant food making it a true super food!   Tannins in this ‘super fruit’ work as an analgesic, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-viral and an antiseptic.

wait......what and the what now?  Don’t black out from all those bigs words yet!  Let’s break it all down:

ANALGESIC:  acts as a natural pain reliever so grown ups can do Monkey Gym classes every day and kids can run and play all day!   Hooray! 

ANTI-ALLERGIC: anti allergies....duh hahahah

ANTI-BACTERIAL:  tells all those gross germs you get at school and at the gym to beat it!

ANTI-OXIDANT: free radicals are super naughty and they like to go bonkers all through-out your body but your body calms these guys down by using the antioxidants you eat!  For you grown ups out there, cacao punches those free radicals out to keep you from looking old!  EW!

ANTI-VIRAL:  doesn’t let viral germs get all viral in you!

ANTISEPTIC:  wipes up the yucky things in your body just like you would wipe up the yucky things off the counter top!

Disclaimer: you do not have to go to Costa Rica to find cacao (although it might be a really good excuse).  You can buy cacao nibs or cacao powder anywhere these days!  

Please share your favorite cacao ideas with us :)